Five Natural Brands That You Should Know

In honor of Earth Day that was this past Wednesday, I wanted to share some of my favorite natural and earth-friendly beauty brands. I love these brands because they use more natural ingredients and little to no chemicals that can hurt me in the long run. All of these brands are relatively affordable and can be found at your nearest Sephora, Target, Macy's or Whole Foods. Almost all of the products from these brands are free of Parabens, Mineral Oil, Phthalates, Petroleum,Propylene Glycol, and made without animal testing. Make sure to check the slideshow below for a list of my favorites.
Their products are almost completely natural and have fixed many of my skin's ailments such as dryness and irritation. Also, they help support local and world-wide charities against animal cruelty. Some of  their products are a little expensive but completely worth it.
My favorite beauty find in Whole Foods. Their lotions are very,very thick but super moisturizing. Great for people with dry or aging skin. Most of their ingredients consist of natural oils and butters.
Probably the only brand I really trust my hair with these days. All their products are Sulfate-free.The shampoos and conditioners Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil collection are really hydrating and smell amazing. Also, SheaMoisture does donate a small portion of their products to charities to help fight poverty.
Majority of the products from both lines are fruit and plant based. Great body washes and masks that don't dry out your skin. I really recommend these for travel because their product packaging works well in very tight spaces.
The few products that I have tried have worked instantly and have changed the way my skin feels and retains moisture. Their Drink Up mask has actually helped brighten and remove dullness. This is another pricey brand but it is worth it if you want more instant results.

What are your favorite natural beauty brands and products???


How I Learned To Live A Healthier Life

Over the past 4 months, I have been conditioning myself to live a healthier lifestyle. Changing my diet, my exercise routine and the way I think has overall improved my mind and body. Below are some easy tips to how you can be your best self.

Getting Physical
I try to make an effort to go the gym at least once a week. My purpose of going to gym is raise my stamina and increase my muscle mass. In the short time that I have been exercising on a regular basis, I have seen slight differences in my strength level and body structure. It was easier for me to start with sessions on a stationary bike or elliptical and work my way up to more advanced exercises.
Eating Fresh Ingredients
Cooking with fresh and natural ingredients really has made a difference. Making my own acai bowls, smoothies, sandwiches, and baked goods from scratch has drastically improved my health. Eating fresh foods such as avocado, spinach, bread and strawberries are good alternatives to processed food with preservatives. I try my best to make sure that I don't eat fast food as often as I use to. Making the effort to ingest more of the essential vitamins and minerals has left my immune and digestive system forever grateful.
Blocking Out Negativity
My friends, family , and I know that I am a true introvert. I love spending time with my own thoughts and relaxing in my space. So much of my time is filled with many outside influences so I cherish the time I have to reflect and make decisions completely on my own. Yoga is the perfect time to do that and stimulate positive thinking.

Let me know what is included in your everyday health routine :)


Spring Beauty Haul

The last two weeks I picked up some new beauty products. I really wanted to try some of the things that I've been hearing so much buzz about. All of these things fit so well in my new minimal makeup routine. This is really a mini haul but I still wanted to show you guys what I bought.

My new favorite lip gloss. It isn't sticky and smells like Pink Starbursts. It reminds me of my "LipSmacker" days in elementary school. It simply gives my lips a slight shine with very little pigment.

Completely in love with this BB cream. It gives very sheer coverage but it does fade away pores and very hydrating. As a primer it is thebomb.com (yes I said the bomb.com lol). I usually get a really oily T-zone but this added with Benefit's "The Pore Professional" does help keep it matte after a long day of 12 hours.

I have been looking for a color like this all over. I love the color Garnet in my LORAC palette but it is a bit too orange for me. I wanted something more pink/plum and I finally found it.

To be honest I got this because I saw Claire Marshall reviewed it. Sadly,it doesn't give me out-of-this-world results. It does hold a curl and doesn't clump which are the biggest pros of this mascara.

I finally have this in my possession and I'm so satisfied. I have only tried it a couple of times but it does give me a natural look and does last a very long time. The mirror is bonus as well.

It you tried any of these products, I would love to hear your review of them in the comments :)


Artist Spotlight: Khadijah Jones

This is the second installment of my Artist Spotlight series. Today I am showcasing Khadijah Jones. I've known her for almost a year now and I can say firsthand that she is amazingly talented and truly devoted to her craft. Below are Khadijah's own words about what she does and why.

All pictures and video are courtesy of Khadijah and her collaborators

My name is Khadijah but I am also known as "galnatural". I am a artist of many things but my focus is to creatively and vocally be a healer. When I was a little girl I was always giving and clear of my purpose and today, still, I am that. Through my blog and my YouTube channel and other social platforms I serve to educate & share to the youth and my community to be awaken. I am on a journey to elevate, empower and transform the lives of others through my art, life experiences and gifts.

Currently, I am evolving a new side of me through my social platforms and directing my image to be of the best version of myself through spiritual healing, photography & the beauty of health. Studying, writing & reading has been my secret to the big bang behind my new idea of the importance of educating the youth of renewing the mind and body through spiritual healing and recognizing the best you inside. I believe my purpose in life is to awaken as many people as God sees fit and through this, the success will follow. 

If you are interested in being a feautured artist, please comment below or send an email to theartofvintagerevival@gmail.com



My Hair Care Essentials

Let me just say that I have been wanting to do a hair care post for ages!!! For the past three months I have been obsessed with restoring my hair and keeping it as healthy as possible. Towards the end of November, I really wanted to try more natural products to help grow and strengthen my hair. After tons of research, I thought that trying a few Shea Moisture products would be great for my hair condition and texture. My hair is very thick,coily, and gets very dry all year long. The Shea Moisture products pictured above along with their Restorative Conditioner as a leave-in from the Raw Shea Butter collection brought my hair back to life. My hair is now softer and more manageable after using these products. The raw shea butter,argan oil, and plantain are the main ingredients that really restructure and improve my hair strands.

Also, I have been using Trader Joe's Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to moisture my hair before and after washing. I learned that this oil is an excellent detangler and moisturizer from Hey Fran Hey. Another tip that I picked up from her is to not use shampoo as often. Before you freak out, I stopped using shampoo as often because it just strips my hair of moisture and irritates my scalp too much. Instead of shampoo, I use an organic apple cider vinegar rinse that is about (1/4 cup water,2 cups apple cider vinegar) to cleanse my scalp and balance my pH levels. After application, I let it sit in my hair for about 30 minutes and wash it out. I do this rinse once every three weeks and co-wash with conditioner every week. This has helped eliminate 99% of my dandruff and has visibly improved my hair elasticity. If you have any questions or recommendations please let me know in the comment section below.

My Process
Distributing and Finger Detangling with Coconut Oil
Cleansing my scalp with Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse(if needed)
Conditioning with Anti-Breakage Strengthening Conditioner
Deep Conditioning with Deep Treatment Masque
Using Restorative Conditioner as Leave-In
If I use heat to dry or straighten I use the TRESemme Heat Tamer Spray

P.S. I realize that my hair is very different than some of my readers so please research to see if these products and techniques are suitable for you :)


My Valentine's Day Playlist

I want to wish everyone an early Happy Valentine's Day. Normally I don't really get too excited about this holiday but this year is different. This year I have really awesome plans and I couldn't be happier for the 14th to come. Also, I recent shot a V-Day style editorial for CIRCUS Magazine so check it out!

Below is a playlist that I put together for the day so I hope you enjoy it.

*Photo still from the movie Grease